Five Reasons Why A Substitute Teacher Service Makes Sense For Your School

If you don’t think a substitute teacher service is right for you, think again.  A substitute teacher service makes sense for every school with teacher absences.  Here’s why.

1. Absences are filled quickly and easily.

Who has time to call and text multiple subs, wait for their response, and coordinate the logistics?  No one. A substitute teacher service streamlines the process of filling absences by automating it. Teachers or administrators alike enter absences into the online platform and qualified substitutes accept jobs they’re willing and able to work.  It’s that easy.

2. Subs have quick, easy access to work.

This makes substitute teaching a simpler, more economical option for potential subs. They select which days they want to work and accept jobs effortlessly. The substitute teacher service puts quality subs in touch with schools with vacancies.  The ease and simplicity of the process encourages subs and schools alike. The more work subs get, the more secure and stable their position becomes, which leads to increased interest in subbing.  It eliminates that all-too-familiar situation when a sub disappears because finding steady work is too challenging or scheduling was too cumbersome.

3. Subs and teachers can communicate more easily.

Teachers will no longer have to email substitute lesson plans and hope they reach their intended recipient.  Now teachers can message their sub directly and subs can respond with questions. This means no more unclear plans where the sub is left “winging it.”  You’ll know students in your school are engaged in meaningful learning opportunities that their regular classroom teacher intended.

4. No more early morning phone calls and texts.

The days of scrambling to put out the fire left by a teacher absence are over.  By streamlining the substitute booking process, substitute teacher services cut out the middle man, freeing staff up to work on other, more pressing tasks. No one likes being caught in the emergency that filling teacher absences feels like.  In reality, the work of a school administrator is never done and each day often brings new surprises. Administrators need a plan for this anticipated surprise so no more early morning hours are spent on the phone calling for a substitute teacher.  Spend that time putting out the other figurative fires.

5. A substitute teacher service helps you find subs.

This is the most important feature. As a school administrator you’ve got enough on your plate trying to fill and manage your teacher vacancies.  No one has time to add substitutes to that list. A substitute teacher service does the work for you. They attract desirable and qualified candidates.  All you’ll need to do is enter absences and select the right sub for the specific job. With a plentiful pool of substitute teachers ready for work and accessible at your fingertips, you’ll never need to go on a sub-search again.  No more promising a level of work you may or may not be able to provide. No more dwindling sub fill rates when you need them most–holidays and testing season. No more scouring your community for potential subs. Substitute teacher services do the work for you.

If you’ve got a school with teachers, and there are germs or children or professional learning or state assessments or any one of the reasons why schools need subs, then you need a substitute teacher service.

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