Book a Sub: Revolutionizing How School Districts Find Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers are a pivotal part of any school.  While certified classroom teachers need to be away to recover from an illness, take care of family matters, or participate in professional development opportunities substitutes are there to swoop in and save the day.  When you need to find a substitute, whether it’s last minute or weeks in advance, you have a few important requirements: first, students need to safely be in a classroom with a qualified adult; second, subs should be easily booked and accessed; and third, subs should be at the correct location at the right time and follow the plans left behind by the classroom teacher.  Sounds easy enough, right? Finding qualified subs and contacting, scheduling, and managing them is hard work–work that no one has time for.

Book a Sub has got these basics covered.  Their online substitute service is an on-demand substitute teacher solution.  They hire local qualified substitute teachers and connect them to your school so they’re available for when you input absences.  So not only do you have a sub to fill in for your absent teacher, but it’s accomplished with minimal effort. Enter the information for the absence to include time, date, place, and details, and an available substitute will be matched.  You’ll know when the job has been filled and you won’t need to do anything else except verify the sub completed the job.

With Book a Sub, filling teacher absences has never been easier.  Here’s how it works:

For schools

Join. Fill in a few fields on Book a Sub’s online platform including your name, contact information, and school.  You’ll receive an email with login instructions.

Post a job.  When you have a teacher who needs to take an absence, for whatever the reason, login to Book a Sub and input the date, time, place, and any other additional information.

Get Notified.  Qualified substitute teachers are clamoring to fill your vacancy.  Check your email for a message with the good news.

Enjoy the feeling of the absence being filled!  Spend the time you would’ve spent searching for a sub doing something productive or enjoyable.  Close the door to your office and savor a few minutes of peace and quiet. You earned it.

Verify the assignment.  Once the sub has completed their work, you’ll receive a prompt to verify.  Follow the link and you’re done.

For substitute teachers

Join.  Provide your information to Book a Sub so they can begin the vetting process.

Select vacancies.  Once you’re cleared to work, login to Book a Sub to select vacancies.  The date, time, location, and any other important information will be provided at this time.  Unfilled vacancies will be sent to you for consideration. Either sign up to work or decline.

Sub for selected vacancies.  Show up to work at the agreed upon time and place and Get paid.

The process of booking a substitute teacher is seamless because Book a Sub has automated the process of filling teacher absences.  There’s no commitment or risk with Book a Sub so you can try it out and see how well it works for your substitute teacher needs. You’ll be thankful for Book a Sub this school year and into the future.

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