Book A Sub: An EdTech Startup Aims To Help Schools and Districts Improve Fill Rates

Lack of qualified substitute teachers got you down this school year?  You’re not alone. Teacher absences make up a large portion of school administration headaches.  School districts across the United States are solving this problem with the help of an edtech startup, Book a Sub.  If you haven’t heard, Book a Sub is solving substitute fill rate problems by putting qualified substitutes in schools with their on-demand staffing platform.

Guided by a simple mission: Ensure every absence gets a world-class substitute, Book a Sub benefits both schools and substitute teachers by putting qualified subs to work.  More subs equals more filled absences. More absences filled means teachers can take a guilt-free sick day. More absences filled means less coordination needed from administrators.  More absences filled means more students’ needs are being met. Everyone wins.

Book a Sub maintains a database of hundreds of qualified substitute teachers who are ready and willing to work.  Sign up for their platform and enter absences as they arise. Teachers or administrators can input absences weeks in advance or as last-minute as that unexpected sickness arrives.  Whether it’s a full day or partial absence, Book a Sub has your needs covered.

Substitute teachers sign up for the jobs they want and before you know it, the class is covered.  So long are the days administrators devote precious hours to finding, interviewing, hiring, and training substitutes for a pool–one that you may or may not use.  Book a sub does all this work for you–and they fill absences as easily as they’re entered online. Literal clicks of a button now do the work that used to take days, weeks, or even months of time.  Once the absence has been filled by a sub, you’ll sit back and let them do their job. Verify the job’s been completed with another few clicks on your mobile device and the process is complete. As an added bonus, their intuitive and easy-to-use platform provides at a glance data about the absences in your school, which can be used for record keeping.

Unlike other substitute management systems, Book a Sub has no upfront costs so you can try it out and see for yourself.   You’ve got nothing to lose except your worry about how you’ll fill that next teacher absence. It’s as easy as signing up.

While administrators have managed the headache of filling teacher absences with quality substitute teachers in the past, there’s now a more effective way. Join the movement that’s changing the way schools find substitute teachers and fill absences.  For more information about Book a Sub and to give them a chance to eliminate that headache in your life, click here.  In no time you’ll be confidently and effectively increasing that substitute fill rate.

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